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Monetary assistance towards student loans for Selected Graduates and Educational Assistance for All

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At our core, we are a corporation looking to assist in the amelioration of the widespread student loan crisis. It is easier to avoid mistakes in the first place, but many people end up with exorbitant student loans at a very young age due to social/cultural pressures or just a lack of education on student loan options. In working with universities and professionals in certain industries, we will be helping students find out about grant options, scholarship options, and the best student loan reconciliation options.


Through our vast array of work experience and our network of individuals across various business industries, we have seen first hand that some educational establishments may not have all of the requirements which allow their students to be the most competitive. We offer pertinent advice to Business Schools in order to have their students qualify for higher level internships followed by entry level jobs after graduation.


Homeownership is a key to building wealth in the U.S. The Federal Reserve reports that the average homeowner in 2016 had a household wealth of $231,400, compared to the average renter having a household wealth of only $5,200. CNBC data from the second quarter of 2020 according to the Census Bureau shows that white Americans have a homeownership rate of 76%, Black Americans have a homeownership rate of 47%, Hispanic Americans have a homeownership rate of 51.4% and Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders have a homeownership rate of 61.4%. Daley Relief would like to show clear pathways leading to homeownership. Individuals and families would be educated about programs that would lead to success. Whether it be programs set up for first time buyers to not have to put down as much money as normally required, or other programs which only require individuals to pay a mortgage for a certain number of years to own a house. There are pathways to homeownership that are not commonly known. We would like to make that information more readily available.