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According to a 2023 Forbes study, there are 43.5 million American borrows and $1.75 trillion in total student loan debt (92% federal and 8% private loans). The average borrower owes $28,950

Though, according to CNBC the unemployment rate is 3.4 (from April 2023), there are still many individuals who are unable to keep up with payments once the deferment period has passed.

Our goal is to assist certain applicants on a needs basis by paying a portion of
their student loans (click Contact / Apply / Volunteer for Application Criteria).
We know that any relief, especially in times like these could make all the

Jordan W. Daley

Zarb School of Business (Hofstra University)
Finance, MBA

Carolyn P. Aladenika

Southern New Hampshire University
Candidate, Finance MBA

Candidate, MHA

Dr. Toni Aspinall-Daley

Weill-Cornell Medical School
Doctor of Medicine

Clinical Asst. Professor of Pediatrics
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Cameron Daley

Oakwood University
B.S., Finance